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Step Into Your Smile Makeover with Invisalign

Want a smile you’ll adore without the fuss? Invisalign is the quick and cozy alternative to traditional braces. Say goodbye to metal mouth and hello to a treatment that’s as discreet as it is effective.

Why Choose Invisalign?
Fast-Track Your Smile: Invisalign gets you results faster than traditional braces, so you’ll be showing off that grin in no time.
Ultimate Comfort: Crafted from SmartTrack material, Invisalign aligners are easier to pop in and out and feel like a glove on your teeth.
Freedom to Be You: Want to grab a bite or play some hoops? Just take your aligners out and go for it!
Precision Planning with iTero Scanning

Wondering how your smile makeover will look? Our iTero Element scanner brings your new smile to life in stunning 3D. It’s a personalized roadmap to your picture-perfect smile, taking thousands of images per second for pinpoint accuracy. The best part? You can track your progress at every appointment.

Smile with Confidence

We don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach. With the aid of ClinCheck software, we customize every tiny detail of your treatment plan. Whether it’s deciding the right amount of force for each tooth movement or the sequence in which your teeth will move, we’ve got it all mapped out.

Attachments and Precision Wings: Gentle Yet Powerful

Depending on your needs, we might use SmartForce Attachments or Precision Wings. These little wonders are almost invisible and help your aligners work more effectively, giving you complex tooth movements without resorting to braces.

Lock in Your New Smile with Vivera Retainers

You’ve transformed your smile, now let’s keep it that way. Vivera retainers are discreet, custom-fitted, and built to last, ensuring your smile stays just the way you like it for years to come.

Platinum Invisalign Status

We are a Certified Platinum Invisalign provider, earned by the number of smiles we have had the pleasure to transform year over year. Your smile is in good hands. 

Book a no charge, no commitment appointment today to see if Invisalign is right for you. We can even start with a short virtual appointment for your convenience.

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